image of jan genzer

Jan Genzer | Principal Investigator

B.S., Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology (1989)
Ph.D., Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (1996)

image of kirill efimenko

Kirill Efimenko | Research Professor

B.S., Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology (1989)
Ph.D., Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (1996)


Pandiyarajan Chinnayan Kannan | Research Scholar

B.S., Chemistry, University of Madras, India (2004)
M.S., Chemistry, University of Madras, India (2006)
Ph.D., Polymer Science, University of Freiburg, Germany (2013)

Graduate Students


Camden Cutright
BS 0000

image of bradley davis

Bradley Davis
BS Polymer chemistry
UNC Chapel Hill


Shreya Erramilli
BS 0000

image of amber hubbard

Amber Hubbard
BS Chemical Engineering
Auburn University

image of yeongun ko

Yeoungun Ko
Chung-ang University, South Korea


Jason Miles
BS 0000


Srivatsan Ramesh
BE (Hons.) Chemical Engineering
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India

image of russell schmitz

Russell Schmitz
BS Chemical Engineering
Tuts University


Christopher Walker
BS Chemical Engineering
Notre Dame

image of sunyoung woo

Sunyoung Woo
BS & MS Chemical Engineering
Dankook University, South Korea


Steven Zboray
BS 0000

Undergraduate Students


Andrew Burns
Major Department


Austin Champine
Major Department


Patrick Delgado
Major Department

image of bryce gaither

Bryce Gaither
Chemical Engineering Department


Wil Hoffmann
Major Department


Ashle Page
Major Department


Mishal PB[Dickey]
Major Department


Spencer Schenkler
Major Department


Catherine Wagner[Dickey]
Major Department

PhD Alumni

Name Period Current Position Email
Shafi Arifuzzaman 9/04-3/10 Intel Email
Tiffani Bailey Lash[1] 9/01-6/07 NIH Email
Erich Bain 1/06-7/12 Army Research Office Email
Rajendra Bhat 9/99-8/05 BD Technologies Email
Xiaojing Cai[Spontak] 00/00-9/14 TBA Email
Gilbert Castillo[Dickey, Efimenko, Gorman] 00/00-3/17 NC State Email
Duncan Davis[Dickey] 00/00-3/17 NC State Email
Preeta Datta 00/00-3/15 SealedAir Email
Casey Galvin 00/00-9/14 OIST, Japan Email
Kiran Goli[5] 5/06-7/12 Intel Email
Arif Omer Gozen[6] 9/04-12/09 Bridgestone Email
Arthi Jayaraman[2] 9/00-12/05 University of Colorado Email
Young Kuk Jhon 11/03-12/08 TBA Email
Yiliang Lin 00/00-6/18 University of Chicago Email
Xiaomeng Liu[5] 1/08-6/11 NC State Email
Ying Liu[Dickey] 00/00-9/13 TBA Email
Xiaomen Lu[Rojas] 00/00-7/16 NC State Email
Russell Mailen[Dickey] 00/00-3/17 Corning Email
Ravish Malik 1/07-7/11 Global IT Decision Sciences Email
Robin Mays[Dickey] 00/00-3/15 American Journal Experts Email
Matthew Melillo 00/00-3/17 Lord Email
Ali Evren Ozcam[6] 9/05-12/10 3M Email
Rohan Patil 00/00-5/16 Intel Email
Randy Petrie 9/00-11/05 BASF Email
Phillip Schoch 00/00-6/15 ExxonMobil Email
Jim Semler 9/98-12/03 Lexmark International Email
Andrew Schultz[2] 9/98-12/03 SUNY Buffalo Email
Matthew Smith[3] 9/01-3/07 Novartis Email
Andy Strickland[2] 9/03-8/09 Celgard Email
Michael Tomlinson 9/00-5/05 TBA Email
Salomon Turgman-Cohen[3] 9/05-12/09 Kettering University Email
Edwin Walker 00/00-5/16 Intel Email
Bin Wei[6] 9/00-12/05 National Starch Email
Julie Willoughby 9/01-6/07 NC State Email
Tao Wu 9/98-3/03 Intel Email
Terezie Zapletalova[4] 1/06-12/08 Freudenberg Nonwovens Email

Co-Advisor: [1] Chris Gorman, [2] Carol Hall, [3] Peter Kilpatrick, [4] Behnam Pourdeyhimi, [5] Orlando Rojas, [6] Richard Spontak

MS Alumni

Name Period Current Position Email
Eric Gawalt 00/00-2/15 TBA Email
Feng He[1, 2] 1/09-11/10 NC State Email
Shriraj Misal 11/06-12/08 TBA Email
Jason Stone 9/03-6/06 Cree Email

Co-Advisor: [1] Behnam Pourdeyhimi, [2] Melissa Pasquinelli

Postdoc Alumni

Name Period Current Position Email
Julie Albert 00/00-00/00 Tulane University Email
Kirill Efimenko 7/99-7/07 NC State Email
Young Kuk Jhon 1/10-10/11 US FDA Email
Yuanchao Li 00/14-00/17 Sun Yat-sen University, China Email
Ying Liu[Dickey] 01/14-08/17 Covestro Email
Kunal Mondal[Dickey] 00/15-00/18 TBA Email
C.K. Pandiyarajan 00/13-00/18 TBA Email
Insun Park 1/06-12/07 Yonsei University, Korea Email
Jihong Tong[1] 9/00-10-01 Duke University Email
Hyun-Kwan Yang 1/09-7/11 Samsung Korea Email

Co-Advisor: [1] Peter Kilpatrick

Undergraduate Alumni

Name Period Current Position Email
Corey Allen 9/04-6/06 Exxon Mobile Email
Erin Bass Trimble 9/05-6/06 Cree Email
Matthew Behrhorst[1] 5/11-5/11 Cree Email
Nathan Bowers 9/03-4/05 US Patent Office Email
Julie Boyles[1] 6/09-12/10 NC State Email
Joey Brown 1/12-6/12 Cornell Univrsity Email
Justin Brown 8/99-12/99 TBA Email
Steven Clark 11/02-5/03 Eastman Chemical Email
Katie Cole 7/99-8/01 Exxon Mobil Email
Joe Collar[a] 7/12-8/12 Intel Email
Annabelle Davey 7/13-8/13 TBA Email
Xiaotang Du[c] 7/11-8/11 Georgia Tech Email
David Erel 9/01-1/04 Gresham, Smith & Part. Email
Dorothea Erxleben 1/14-8/15 TBA Email
Julie Fornaciari 7/13-8/13 TBA Email
Ashley Forte[b] 7/03-8/05 Exxon Mobil Email
Gary Fischer 9/07-1/09 Physics NCSU Email
Bridget Hamill 9/07-9/08 Miliken Email
Justin Harris 6/05-6/07 UT Austin Email
Adrien Hauswald 9/11-9/12 GE Email
Andie Hawksley[2] 9/11-9/12 NC State Email
Zan Haywood 5/10-5/11 Auburn University Email
Matt Hemlock[a] 5/00-7/00 TBA Email
Derek Hernandez 9/07-5/08 UT Austin Email
Ryan Hill 8/02-5/04 Telecris Email
Katherine Hoeferkamp 5/09-5/10 University of Colorado Email
Hanquiong “Diana” Hu[c] 6/08-7/08 Yale University Email
Whit Hutton[2] 5/11-9/12 Newell Rubbermaid Email
Kristine Huynh 8/14-5/15 TBA Email
Michael Jones 9/14-12/15 TBA Email
Isaac Kichak[3] 1/12-6/13 Exxon Mobil Email
Chris Kilgore 5/10-5/11 Novartis Email
Zoe Klein 8/14-5/15 TBA Email
Masha Krotova[2] 1/08-7/09 Novartis Email
Peter Lam 9/03-5/04 NC State Email
Jessica Lisane 9/07-5/08 Merck Email
Yingying Lu 7/09-8/09 Zhejian University, PRC Email
Esmeralda Luna-Ramos 9/06-9/07 Eastman Chemical Email
Alex Majeska[b] 6/06-8/06 TBA Email
Taryn Mason[a] 5/00-7/00 TBA Email
Beth Morrell 2/04-5/05 NC State Email
Dolejsi Moshe 6/12-5/14 TBA Email
Ryan Nadel 9/04-6/05 Kimberly Clark Email
Ian Njoroge 5/10-5/11 Biogen Idec Email
Jack Nugent[2] 9/12-5/13 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Email
Erin Redmond 9/07-9/08 Georgia Tech Email
Marina Rodrigues da Costa 5/15-8/15 TBA Email
Matthew Self 9/09-5/10 TBA Email
Joanna Shapiro 9/00-9/01 Photocircuits Corp. Email
Brandi Shaw 1/12-5/14 TBA Email
Kornkanok Sintavanon 6/12-5/14 TBA Email
Nicole Soliman 9/11-5/12 Exxon Mobil Email
Dan Stark 9/02-12/04 Appealing Products Email
Jason Vargas[a] 5/01-7/01 TBA Email
Jake Vestal 9/07-6/08 DOD Navy Email
Kathy Weiger 2/05-9/07 Exxon Mobil Email
Steven White 6/12-5/14 TBA Email
Jay Williford 9/99-9/00 NC State Email
Tim Wuthenow 1/08-1/09 International Paper Email
Haomiao Yuan[c] 7/11-8/11 UMass Amherst Email
Shanmei Zheng[c] 7/12-8/12 TBA Email

Co-Advisor: [1] Michael Dickey, [2] Kirill Efimenko, [3] Alan Tonelli, [4] Orlin Velev
[a] REU student, [b] RISE student, [c] Zheijang exchange student

High School Students

Name Period Current Position Email
Julie Boyles 5/08-8/09 TBA Email
Hayley Braun 5/13-6/14 TBA Email
Rachel Bang 5/13-6/14 TBA Email
Jeffrey Derda 5/13-6/13 TBA Email
Mishal PB 5/14-6/15 TBA Email
Aneri Shah 5/13-6/15 TBA Email
Catherine Wagner 5/14-6/15 TBA Email


Name Period Current Position Email
Younghyun Cho[a] 7/09-9/09 Georgia Tech Email
Hyunjung “Sophie” Kim[a] 2/10-5/10 Sogang University, Korea Email
Tobias Liebig[b] 9/11-4/12 Humboldt University, Germany Email
Jerôme Martinache 1/01-5/02 Phillips Research Email
So-Shin Park[a] 5/08-8/08 Sogang University, Korea Email
Svetlana Santer[c] 4/13-5/13 Potsdam University, Germany Email
Zuleyha Yenice[b] 4/11-10/11 TU Berlin, Germany Email

[a] NSF-PIRE student, [b] TUB student, [c] sabbatical